All Over the Place…

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My quilting thread 'hotline'

That’s the only way to describe my life right now! I have too many things going on at once but, hopefully, it will all come together and make sense soon. I’ve been working like mad on my entries for the Saskatoon show and every project seems to be at a different stage. I’ve put in a tonne of time just designing and fine tuning the designs, and now one of the main pieces is at the quilting stage. The backing is ready to go and concrete decisions have been made for quilting designs, and that’s where things stalled out… I did not have the correct colours of quilting thread, yikes!

Time to call the “Quilting Thread Hotline”! You see, I have encountered this particular problem in the past and I have the perfect solution – A Quilter’s Home. I keep their business card tucked into the corner of my spool display and on the back of the card, in big bold letters, I’ve written “quilting thread hotline” because, you see, they’ve saved my butt in the past.

Quilting thread collection

So on Tuesday afternoon I picked up the phone and called Debbie in Lacombe to order the colours that I needed for my project. (I also added on a few ‘new to me’ solid colours that she was clearing out) We had such a pleasant conversation during which she informed me that she had just concluded an interview with the local newspaper regarding the huge success of her wonderful new line of Canadian Critters! This is a twelve month project she has designed for Canada’s 150th and it is fun and fabulous! Check it out on her website at

Wow! That was fast!

In the meantime, my package has already arrived – that’s 48 hours later!!! Did you notice that half the selection is in the orange and red family? Not something I usually work with, so it’s no wonder I didn’t have a big choice of quilting threads to choose from. I hope this little sneak a peek has you super curious about my mysterious new project. Now that I have no excuses, I’ve got to get quilting, but before I go I must share one last photo of a very special quilt!

Tammy's 'The True North Strong and Free' quilt.

This past April I had the honour and pleasure of quilting my dear friend Tammy’s quilt just in time for Heritage Park’s annual Festival of Quilts in May. Tammy designed this piece based on the festival’s call for entries on the theme of “What does Canada mean to you?”, a special exhibit celebrating Canada’s 150th. She included various quilt blocks and symbols that represent the Canadian prairies, as Tammy is a prairie girl through and through. I used a simple loop-de-loop design in a warm cream, assuring that the quilting didn’t take away from the overall design elements of the quilt. Congratulations, Tammy, on a successful quilt design and a beautiful keepsake commemorating Canada’s 150th birthday!

As always, carol xox



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4 Responses to All Over the Place…

  1. Debbie W says:

    WOW…. Carol you are so very welcome! I am very happy I could get you up and stitching again. I don’t think I have been featured in someone’s blog before so this is very awesome

  2. admin says:

    It’s the least I can do, Debbie! You provided such terrific personal service and my thread arrived so quickly that I had to share it with the world :o ) I can’t thank you enough and keep up the great work!

  3. Tammy says:

    Happy Canada Day, bubby! Love my Canada quilt and the awesome job you did on it for me. I hung it in my front window today to celebrate! Good to see your thread arrived so quickly….no excuses now!! xoxo

  4. carol says:

    Your Canada quilt turned out perfectly, Tammy, and I hope you have a special place of honour where you can proudly hang it year-round. I’m currently working on my own Canada quilt to have it finished in time for the big show… haven’t come up for air yet.

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